Frequently Lost, 2023
Exhibited in Postmodern Tales curated by Vera Lam (HK), presented by HART at H Queens, Hong Kong
Frequently Lost is inspired by the changing nature and structure of cities, the installation reflects on the concept and practice of urban wandering and mirrors the uncertainty of human perception. It is part of Merryn’s ongoing examination of how we see, navigate and record our experiences of urban environments. In it, she considers how we relate to the architectural while negotiating public spaces, and how our experiences are shaped by a constant renegotiation of our relationship to our immediate environment as we move through the city. The installation is her unfinished record of a city with a density and verticality that lends itself to disorientation, and the influence of this on her explorations of Hong Kong since relocating from Singapore in the middle of a global pandemic.
By drawing attention to the uncertainty inherent in any individual’s perceptions, Merryn hopes to build a shared sense of empathy that celebrates multiple viewpoints and acknowledges that we all experience the world differently. Frequently Lost considers the role of memory, and personal experience along with the influence of devices and technology in shaping our perceptions of space, time, and colour. With increasingly blurred lines between the physical and the digital, between public and private, in a city where negotiating the complex networks that connect us find many frequently lost, this installation is as much an invitation to relate to and be critical of our surroundings as it is a reminder to pay attention to the little things and find beauty in the everyday.

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