EXHIBITIONS > news feed... 2011

Dear Patti Smith ARI, Melbourne 2011

This work explores the concept of a "post-everything" world: one saturated with imagery of all kinds; and queries how our mind attempts to make sense of the over-proliferation of visual data, as provided to the eye and examine how this flood of images relates to a contemporary concept of painting, the act of painting production and consumption and the idea of painting in an expanded field. By creating a painted environment, inspired by the rolling news feeds of 24 hour news networks and the coverage of recent natural disasters, this work hopes to engulf the viewer in a world of saturated colour that encourages perceptual shifts and spatial ambiguities, a world where the figure ground relationships are reversible and unstable and reflect on current global cultural, economic, political and environmental instability.

timelapse video

wall painting installation
news feed...
Acrylic on wall, paper and canvas
Installation view